Local Meats To Return in 2019

Local Meats Will Return in 2019

SIW Vegetables is now collaborating with Carnicopia Meats! Carnicopia Meats offers locally sourced, fresh, pasture raised, 100% grass-fed meats for all SIW customers and CSA members for pick up at the SIW farmstand. Order through the Carnicopia website by Monday at 6PM to have your order ready for pickup on Tuesday. Feel free to place an individual order on any given week or join the Meat Buyer's Club (see below for more info).

Carnicopia Meats runs a "Meat CSA" of their own! It's called the Meat Buyer's Club where you get to choose what you want each week/biweekly.

Use the discount code SIW10% to save 10% on any individual order placed or toward your Meat Buyer's Club subscription. 

Email Sign-up: http://eepurl.com/dxx6Jb

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