Corn Crop Progession

Who doesn't love H.G.'s corn, cold, hot, with butter, without butter (because you really don't need it), salt, no salt, on the grill, however you can get it!!!

This page is to show how much goes into bringing you the tastiest corn in town! We track the progression of one of our favorite crops from beginning to end. 


Progression from 2016:

The first corn of the season has been planted in the fields. It looks like it has a large blanket on, and in theory, it does. This cover heats up the soil and aids in germination and emergence of the seeds. This cover also aids in softening the power of raindrops in cool, windy weather. Why, you might ask? What can a raindrop do? In cool, windy weather the raindrops hitting compacted soil can inhibit the emergence of sweet corn. Once mid-May rolls around this is no longer an issue for us because the soil and outside temps have both warmed up.


The "blankets" were lifted and hoops were added to the rows of corn. This will lift the row cover up off the corn so it can continue to grow while under protection.  
The baby corn is about 4-6 inches tall. Lifting the row cover with hoops will allow the corn to continue to grow while remaining protected in the younger stages. 

The cover goes back on and we wait!

Progression from 2015:


  Then they begin to grow and form a beautiful crop!

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