HG on Tomatoes...

HG says...
They are delicious.

We pick our tomatoes Ripe. Do not confuse this with “Vine Ripe”. Our “ripe" means red. “Vine Ripe” means they are picked when the green tomato “starts “ to turn a color other than green.

Because we pick our tomatoes at the red ripe stage, they taste better. The down side is shelf life and firmness. This mostly affects the ship-ability and since we sell most at our own farm stand you'd never know that. They will last for days once brought home. But, they won’t feel like a water balloon and they still can’t be substituted for a baseball in a pinch.

We grow 15-20 regular round tomato varieties. Some are better early and some are better in the heat of the summer and summer (haha) better late in the season. 

We grow more than 25 varieties of cherry and grape tomatoes (some are heirlooms).

*They are magically delicious*

They are EXTREMELY FRAGILE so please don’t over handle them —they can’t take the punishment.

They do not produce high yields.

We grow over 75 varieties of these tasty old varieties.

They often look funny and oftentimes misshapen. This doesn’t affect flavor.

They have funny names like Copia, Church and Big Rainbow and… well they have funny names.

They are yummy.Yes, we grow almost everything here on the farm

*****NEVER, EVER put tomatoes into the refrigerator (unless you want to cool them down just before dinner.)*****

  • The local peaches come from Media and Lancaster county
  • Less than one ear per corn plant 
  • Yes, it is our own garlic
  • Yes, it is different than grocery store garlic 
  • Candy Onions real name is Candy Onions
  • Fabulous is the name of most of our own regular tomatoes
  • We grow over 85 varieties of heirloom tomatoes 
  • We grow more than 25 varieties of cherry/grape tomatoes 
  • The sweetest corn we grow is &*%^$&*(   *&^(*^%*^&*&^. If I told you I would have to erase your memory.
  • Sugar content in all other corn we grow is similar
  • The more yellow in it the more corny the flavor is.