Thursday, August 18, 2011

Every Day's a Holiday!

Good day all! It looks like we will see a bit of sunshine in between the raindrops. Unfortunately our weather has caused a small set back as to the appearance of our famous Doc Martin Lima Beans. We will keep you posted as to the new arrival time.
Our ketchup, heirloom sauces and soups are now in stock! We hope to see you this weekend!

CSA for the Week of August 15, 2011

3lbs. Squash
6 ears of Corn
2 Hierloom Tomatoes
2 Red Tomatoes
2 #2 Tomaotoes
2lbs. Potatoes
1 White Onion
1 Red Onion
3 Spring Onions
1 Eggplant
3 bulbs of Garlic
1/2 Cantaloupe
1 Bunch of Zinnias
1/2 Sugar Baby Watermelon

Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome August!

It may be August but the Tomatoes and the Corn just keep on coming. Good Ole Doc Martin Limas have made a cameo appearance, soon to be seen on a regular basis.
We now have our mini watermelons on hand and boy are they sweet!

Looking forward to seeing ya all this week!!!

CSA for the Week of Aug. 1st:

3lbs. Yellow Squash
2 Cucumbers
6 Corn
2 Lopes
7 Tomatoes : 2 Heirlooms, 2 Reds and 3 #2 Reds
2 Wite Onions
2 Spring Onions
1 Red Onion
1 Eggplant
3 Bulbs of Garlic