Friday, April 29, 2016

Wild Edibles Walk

Wild Edibles Walking Tour with Nathaniel Whitmore

Photo courtesy of

Nettles, Lamb's Quarters, Giant Chickweed, Skunk Cabbage...what are these strange things? Ever wonder what is edible in the woods? Want to learn more about eating wild foods, what's safe and what isn't, and the benefits of wild foods? We're hosting a walking tour with Nathaniel Whitmore as the guide. He has extensive knowledge in wild foods and medicinal herbs. He's been exploring the woods since he was a teenager and learning all he can. He's become an educator in the field of wild edibles and conducts classes and walking tours regularly. You can read more about Nathaniel's extensive background through his bio page of his website.

Wild Foraged Hen of the Woods Mushroom | Nathaneil Whitmore

Nathaniel also formed the Delaware Highlands Mushroom Society, a mushroom enthusiasts' club dedicated to the appreciation of fungi and education of edible and medicinal mushrooms.  Nathaniel offers walks through the club and serves as club president.  See the club website and facebook page.  DHMS is a member club of the Northeast Mycological Federation (NEMF) and is working on membership with the North American Mycological Association (NAMA).

Wild Mushroom | Photo from Delaware Highlands Mushroom Society

The walk will be June 23rd starting at 6pm. If you are interested in attending please email by June 17th to reserve a spot. There is no ticket cost for this informative walk but are asked to make a small contribution of what you wish at the end of the tour.

We hope to have you join us!

Monday, April 25, 2016

It's almost time!

The warmer temperatures are reminding us that it's getting close to opening day!

There's been a lot happening on the farm in the last couple weeks. Fingers crossed we won't have any sudden cold snaps like we did with the freak snow day a little while back. The green house is bursting with growth, which means things are starting to be transplanted into the fields. 

Tomatoes being transplanted into the field

Another exciting happening is the first sweet corn has been planted in the fields! We all LOVE HG's sweet corn. This is a good sign that the stand will be opening soon. The corn has been planted and covered with what looks like a large blanket, and in theory, it is just that! This large cover helps heat the soil which aids in germination and emergence of the corn.

First Sweet Corn of the season in the fields

All this talk of tomatoes and sweet corn is making us ready for summer! The stand will open on June 1st! We also have a few events on the calendar for everyone to check out.  The Field to Fork dinners have been announced and we can't wait! We also have a volunteer opportunity on Saturday, April 30th for our Crop Mob with the DCH. If you'd like to volunteer, email us at no later then Wednesday, April 27th to let us know.

Dr. Martin Lima Bean Succotash | 2015 Field to Fork Dinner

We're excited to get the 2016 season rolling and share all the delicious fruits and vegetables with you and your families!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Tomatoes, tomatoes & more tomatoes!

We have heirlooms, cherries, plums and more varieties well on their way!

(Planting heirloom tomato varieties under low tunnels in the fields)

The tomatoes are well on their way, some varieties even have flowers already! We're keeping our fingers crossed that Spring is truly here and we don't have any more cold snaps. The garlic and onions are coming along nicely as well. This all means one thing for us...

(Garlic coming along nicely in the field)

We're so close to opening day of the stand! June 1st is opening day at the stand! We're working hard to get all the veggies and flowers ready.

(Heirloom tomatoes at the stand)

We're also really excited for our Field to Fork dinners this coming summer as well. If you haven't checked out the dates yet head on over to our Events page and check them out. The next Crop Mob is on April 30th, if you're interested in volunteering for the morning at the farm, email us at We can't wait to see everyone!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Snow in April?!

The "onion snow" came and went...

The whacky weather over the past week has been interesting. A late snow like we got on this past Saturday can be known as an "onion snow". This is a term specific to Pennsylvania originating from the Pennsylvania Dutch. It refers to snowfall that occurs after the spring onions have been planted, and comes right as they are sprouting. 

(Snow covered Barn)

The forecast for this week is looking much better with lots of sunshine, warmer temps and some rain. We're going to keep trucking along with production in the greenhouse and hope the warm weather sticks around. 

(Seedlings in greenhouse)

We have a few exciting things coming up for SIW. Our next Crop Mob with the Delaware Center for Horticulture is on April 30th. If you're interested in joining the fun please email Once the work is done, we'll have lunch from Talula's Table! The dates for our Field to Fork dinners have been posted. You can find the dates, chefs, chefs and pricing here. We're also extremely excited that we're inching closer to opening day on June 1st as well as our annual Farm Tour on June 16th! If you would like to attend any of the upcoming SIW event's please email us at 

(Fields of SIW at Spring)

One last note, we still are taking sign ups for our CSA. If you are interested please email us at Enrollment will be open for a short time longer so don't miss out!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Greenhouse is "growing" strong...

The greenhouse is GREEN!

There is so much growth to report on! The first rounds of tomato plants are getting stronger, and taller by the day. Soon they'll be moved outside to get acclimated to the weather.

Jamie the resident greenhouse guru is also busy growing a plethora of starts for the Wilmington Flower Market! SIW grows starts for the Flower Market every year. Since 1921 the Wilmington Flower Market has been raising funds for a wide range of charities throughout the state of Delaware that support children. If you'd like to support a good cause and get your hands on some of the SIW starts head to their website for information on the big sale!

The fig trees are growing nicely as well as the zinnias. The stand will have shorter zinnias this year (12-18inch length stems) which will be perfect for any bouquet to decorate your home with! The sunflowers have been planted also.

The lettuces are poking their heads up as well. Making for some gorgeous color in the greenhouse. The sweet candy onions are coming along nicely, they look like chives right now!

The praying mantis have hatched and are growing. The praying mantis is used as a natural pest control method on the farm. Waiting for the nests to hatch has proven to be an event on the farm!

We're excited that Spring has arrived and can't wait to share more updates on the greenhouse and growing season's progress!