Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Count Down Begins!!!!!!!!!

Hello all! It feels like spring is already upon us. We are really getting excited about what we have in store for you this year!

In the past we have offered a discount card to our customers. This year we would like to offer the same discount card, but with an added benefit. As the card has reached it’s last discounted use, we will be collecting these cards along with the names and a phone contact of the customers and putting them into a drawing at the end of the month. This drawing would be good for a gift certificate for “Dinner for Two,” at one of our participating local establishments. These cards will be made available to our CSA members and Longwood card holders as well. So remember the card must be totally used in order to be eligible for the gift certificates. You may be eligible for dinner at Harry's Savoy, Bistro on the Brandywine, or maybe the Whip among others. Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!!!!!

Oh! I almost forgot............Look for us in the near future on Facebook and Twitter.

We would like to take this opportunity once again to say “Thank you,” for your support in 2011!