Monday, April 25, 2016

It's almost time!

The warmer temperatures are reminding us that it's getting close to opening day!

There's been a lot happening on the farm in the last couple weeks. Fingers crossed we won't have any sudden cold snaps like we did with the freak snow day a little while back. The green house is bursting with growth, which means things are starting to be transplanted into the fields. 

Tomatoes being transplanted into the field

Another exciting happening is the first sweet corn has been planted in the fields! We all LOVE HG's sweet corn. This is a good sign that the stand will be opening soon. The corn has been planted and covered with what looks like a large blanket, and in theory, it is just that! This large cover helps heat the soil which aids in germination and emergence of the corn.

First Sweet Corn of the season in the fields

All this talk of tomatoes and sweet corn is making us ready for summer! The stand will open on June 1st! We also have a few events on the calendar for everyone to check out.  The Field to Fork dinners have been announced and we can't wait! We also have a volunteer opportunity on Saturday, April 30th for our Crop Mob with the DCH. If you'd like to volunteer, email us at no later then Wednesday, April 27th to let us know.

Dr. Martin Lima Bean Succotash | 2015 Field to Fork Dinner

We're excited to get the 2016 season rolling and share all the delicious fruits and vegetables with you and your families!

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