Monday, June 23, 2014

June is treating us VERY well…….!

CSA Week 3

Lettuce - 1 Bag

Garlic Scapes - 2 Bunches

Peas - 1 Quart

Squash or Zucchini - 3 lbs

Cucumber - 2 Large

Green Beans - 1 lb

As many of you already know, we have been serving coffee this year! Now, everyday from 7am until we close at 6pm, you can grab a tasty cup of joe, just how you like it. But it isn't just any cup of coffee!

(Courtesy of Golden Valley

We here at SIW picked a local roaster, that not only was producing rich, flavorful coffee, but Garden Valley Farms is a USDA Organically certified coffee roaster, that also roasts Fair-Trade, and Bird-Friendly coffee varieties. As described on their website (, "Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters is a family owned and operated artisan coffee roaster. Our line of teas are certified organic and fair trade.  We are one of the few Triple Certified Coffee Roasters in The United States. " Creating a superior cup of coffee starts at the seed. Where the seed is planted helps determine what characteristics it will have. Properly growing, picking, shipping, roasting, and packaging coffee beans are all extremely important parts of a superior cup of coffee. Everyone has a unique palate that determines which tastes they enjoy the most. Every palate deserves to taste coffee that has been handled with the utmost care. The coffee your palate has come to enjoy may be different then the one your friend has come to enjoy. Because of this, Golden Valley Farms has a large variety of coffees to choose from, all with distinctive attributes. We enjoy being able to educate consumers and businesses on the in-depth steps involved."

At Golden Valley Farms, they are treating coffee like we treat our produce! It was a match that was meant to be! Our valued customers who come back year after year to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of our labor, can now come in on their way to work, or mid-afternoon for a delightful pick-me-up, that is brewed with purpose. 

Come try a cup today!! 

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