Monday, February 23, 2015

Marv growing the first tomato seeds of the season!

The season has begun for tomatoes!!  Marv is getting our seedlings on their way.

Does anyone have any irresistible, or just yummy, recipes that include tomatoes?  We'd love to hear about them to help us get ready for the season.  This year we're hoping you all will share your recipes on the blog for all of us who need a little inspiration in the kitchen.  We'll try and make your recipe in our "test kitchen" and post the results for all to see.   Here are a few savory recipes you might enjoy that we've pinned ....Recipes Using Tomatoes

Also, if it's time for Marv to begin planting seeds, it might be time for you too.  If you have any questions for Marv or H.G. about what to do in your garden, please post your question below!

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