Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fig Trees Perfect for Our Zone!!!

This is Brent!  He is our resident FIG SPECIALIST among many other things. Brent has been discretely growing different fig varieties since 2008, looking for the ones that are reliable in our cold winters and wet summers. He selected early ripening, productive and above all tasty varieties to plant our fig orchard and are still trying more!  Click on the FIG PAGE to read about the different varieties and to watch his excellent videos on planting and the different varieties as well as best location for planting. 

These varieties are some of the very toughest and best suited for our area. They can ripen fruit after being frozen to the ground if planted in good soil where they get at least 8 hours of direct sunlight, not many varieties can do that.

Starter plants are available for a few weeks at the stand for only $15, they are ready to be put in the ground and the best time to plant is now until mid July. 

This is what H.G. has to say about Brent..."Brent carries his passion and enthusiasm for growing things like an aura. He investigates anything he is interested in with Sherlock Holmes like skepticism and intensity. Be it wood carving, hunting wild edibles,lettuce or figs you can be sure he knows more about it than you do. With little effort he is way over your you head while keeping you on the edge of you seat wondering if there is more. A unique and talented man of mystery." 

Enjoy this video where Brent demonstrates how to plant your fig tree!  Easy!  

Keep your eyes out for future Brent videos on fruit ripening and caring for your fig tree in the winter!

If you've got any questions for him about anything pertaining to figs, post below and Brent will get you an answer ASAP!

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