Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CSA: Weekly Share

We are just starting to pick our tomatoes. This first picking was all number two's but by weeks end (or sooner) we will have ALL our own tomatoes. Keep an eye out. Plus we picked a few crates of our heirloom tomatoes which we have put on the CSA list. You all get one for this week. The eggplants have just started to be a bit substantial but we don't have enough yet for everyone to get some. (We have almost 70 members this year so the dribs and drabs are hard to put on the list.) Hopefully by next week we can add them. As I'm writing this our pickers just brought cantaloupe so I'm adding that to the list!  The little ones are extremely tasty, if there are any left I'd suggest trying those. They almost taste like fake cantaloupe flavor they are so good! Oh, if they pick raspberries, we will be adding those, but sometimes the rain is really hard on them.

6 corn
1lb. or 1 quart (small) #2 tomatoes
1 each heirloom tomato
1 garlic
3 onions
2# squash
3 large cukes (or 6 small or a mix)
1# green beans
2# potatoes
2 blackberries
1 cantaloupe
1 bu. zinnias OR
3 sunflowers

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  1. It is so fantastic that you post this! Can start planning the week's meals abit in advance....