Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CSA: Weekly Share

This week we've seen the tomatoes come on in full force. Our regular (field) tomatoes are now the Fabulous variety. We like these because they have the best flavor and gorgeous color, even though they are a bit more delicate that some of our other field tomatoes.
And the Heirlooms! Oh, my, we now have a plethora of heirloom tomatoes. Seems when it rains around here it certainly pours. Not only do we have plenty of our slicing varieties of heirlooms, look for the multi-selection of heirloom cherry tomatoes that we have. They are so sweet it is like eating little sugar bursts.
Don't miss some new products we've added in our cooler. Bobbi's Best Hummus comes in many different varieties. This is absolutely the best hummus we've ever tasted. Goes perfect with the italian crostinis (a cracker) we sell. And we've added a few new sizes of the Claudio Fresh Mozzarella.  We still have the 8oz buffala size which is the large dome shaped size. We also have a 4oz. ovalini size which is two smaller ovals, perfect when you can't use up a whole 8oz dome. And we also added the cherry size, which like it sounds, are small round cherry sized balls. Please note that we can only get the Claudio cheese delivered once a week on Friday afternoon (usually after 5). So we are usually out for the days our CSA's pick up their orders. So sorry about this! Please come see us on the weekend to get some of this delicious cheese.

Here's the share for the week:

8 sweet corn
1 lb. regular tomatoes
1 lb. heirloom tomatoes
1 pint cherry tomatoes
1 lb. squash
2 cucumbers
1 garlic
2 onions
2 ea. green peppers
1 jalapeno or banana pepper
1 lb. potatoes
1 cantaloupe
1 razzberries
1 pint blackberries
1 lb. eggplant
1 bunch zinnias or sunflowers
1 sprig basil

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