Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CSA: Weekly Share

Lemon, pickling and Armenian cucumbers
As we are just about to officially enter into the Autumn season (fall equinox is on wed. at 11:09pm) this year we are blessed with a true "Indian Summer". These warm days and cool nights are allowing many of our crops to continue to grow and ripen beautifully. The cukes, summer squashes, beans, Doc Martins, eggplant, tomatoes and corn, are still thriving and producing. The corn has been astounding—crisp and soooo sweet. We are picking some of our Sugar and Spice bi-color, which is the most delicious corn I've ever eaten. And those heirlooms tomatoes just keep pumping out amazing, big gorgeous fruits. 
We have been picking some really nice sweet potatoes and the yukon golds are still pumping out lots of yummy spuds.  

"The List":
8 corn, you pick the type
1 lb. doc martin lima beans
1 lb. green beans
2 lbs. regular tomatoes
3 lbs. heirloom tomatoes 
1 pint cherry tomatoes (if they pick)
1 bag lettuce
1 lb. squash
1 cuke
1 garlic
2 red onions
3 hot peppers
1 lb. potatoes
Flowers might be over—but if they pick, you are welcome to some
1 sprig basil 
2 cannonball pumpkins OR
1 white pumpkin

Giant pumpkins 

The Giant Pumpkins are going to have a fantastic year. We've picked only a few so far but the fields are full of big lumps of orange!

Giant caterpillars

A curious visitor: someone said this was a walnut caterpillar. It was huge!

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