Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CSA: Weekly Share

Giant and the jacks

After many days of rain and dreary, cold weather, this mornings sunshine is a welcome sight! Looks like the weekend will be quite Autumnally-gorgeous. The shift to fall, even with all the rain we've gotten, hasn't translated to dwindling harvests, at this point. The tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes are still plentiful! And we've got a full cooler of Doc Martins. Our squash, cukes and peppers have continued to pump out their fruits. And the pumpkins—oh the pumpkins—are having a stellar year. Brent's lettuce is back in full fashion and he expects to pick beets later this week or early next. Plenty of corn and we picked a good bit of beans this week, too. The flowers do appear to be over, as is the basil, I believe. But they've been picking the sweet potatoes again, some are still small but they are delicious. 

Here's whats on our CSA list for the week:
3 white corn
1 lb. doc martin lima beans
1 lb. green beans
2 lbs. regular tomatoes
1 bag lettuce
1 lb. squash
3 cuke
3 garlic
3 hot peppers
1 lb. sweet potatoes 
1 Jack-o-lantern

Local concord grapes and delicious fall strawbs from Canada

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