Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tomato Sauce for the Hungry

Last year I started selling Tomato sauce at my cost to customers to donate to the hungry. It was a huge success and we are doing it again this year. We’ve donated over 5000 pounds of assorted produce throughout the summer and this is a way to keep giving in the winter. If you pay for the jars here we will donate the jars for you—just as we donate hundreds of jars ourselves. Last year we donated to the Kennett Food cupboard, the Chester County Food Bank and the Emmanuel Dining Room (two locations in Wilmington).

The costs are as follows:
Gallons-------$30 40 approx. servings 
Quarts---------$7.50 10 approx. servings 
Pints-----------$4.25 5  approx. servings

• The gallons go to the soup kitchens 
• The pints and quarts to the food cupboards

If you would like to specify where they are to be donated or deliver them yourselves, that is fine.

Thank you,

H. G. Haskell

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