Thursday, March 5, 2015

FREE GARDENING ADVICE FROM H.G. - Tip #1 (Growing Your Own Tomato Plants)

I know it's hard to believe but the first day of spring is only 15 days away!  Hmmm.....

Since biking isn't an option this week, we'll have to come up with something a little less physical.  Have YOU begun planting seedlings in your home?  Are there any kids out there with school projects to try and plant seeds?  We'd love to see YOUR pictures.  Please post them in the comment section below.  And, there is still the chance for a kid to win a prize by guessing what plant is growing in the Kids Corner.   Here's a clue: We had to plant it in October and Italians usually love this produce!  In the meanwhile....

This year H.G. is going to offer a few gardening tips to help you in your own gardens.  Feel free to post your questions in the comment section and he'll get back to you as soon as possible!  Or, if you'd like any free advice on any particular produce or problem in your garden, ask away!  (You can come back and easily read all of his advice by clicking on the label to the right called "Gardening Tips" and all of his advice through the year will come up!)

So, this is what H.G. has to say about growing tomato sprouts....

Start seeds in a germination chamber  (anywhere that you can keep the temps between 75-80).  A basement room  near heater always stays warm this time of year.  After 48 hours (important) move seeds to a cooler spot.  On your window sill during day (if sunny) then some warm place around 65-70. Under a grow lamp is ideal but for the hard core a window sill will work. Once they come up you will need to keep them in the brightest spot in the house. A greenhouse works a lot better!!!!! Read on seed packet when to start. All seeds are different. 

The Wilmington Flower Market is open right around first planting (Mother's Day) and it is a lot easier to just go there and buy whatever you need without the hassle of struggling with them on your window sill. AND, it supports a great cause.


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