Monday, March 16, 2015

Winter and Lettuce

With the first day of spring coming this week, some of you may be curious about how the weather has effected the farm.  This is what H.G. has to say about that....

"As far as veggies go a cold winter is good because it is hard on pests. Especially without snow as an insulator. If the power goes out when things are growing in the greenhouse and it is cold, well that is a real bummer!!! Seedlings are muerto (DEAD) at 32 degrees. Pretty much all vegetables are even if they are full grown. Few exceptions such as LETTUCE!  Ice is ok in cold weather, but it is not a vegetable."

Here's the beginning of our lettuce crop...

If you need some help with different ways to protect and enjoy your lettuce, here are some helpful hints on our Pinterest site.

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