Thursday, April 16, 2015

Full Greenhouse to Full High Tunnel...

Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, scallions, lettuce gooseberries, and flowers!

The greenhouse is bursting out all over!

New Mystery Plant (Anyone have any guesses what this is? Post answer below and win prize!)
Our Tomato Forest

We are getting the fields ready to plant all the deliciousness found in the greenhouse! Nothing like freshly tilled soil!

We've brought many of those wonderful tomatoes out of the greenhouse and put them in the ground!  First in the High Tunnel.
Then out into the fields. H.G. guides the operation along while the co-pilots take the tomato plants from the greenhouse and plant them one at a time in the ground.  Do you see that brown wheel in the middle to the left of Marv?  It pokes holes in the ground every 22 inches and then they place the tomato gently in the ground!

And, as soon as the stand opens on JUNE 1, you will have amazingly delicious tomatoes on your table!  If you want to keep track of the tomatoes growth keep an eye on our tomato crop progression page.  And, this post contains our new mystery plant.  If you have a guess what it is, please post below.  Guess, win, and claim prize at the stand! Anyone can play! 


  1. Dennis C. - fig tree?

  2. You got it! Redeem prize at the stand after June 1. Congratulations!