Friday, May 15, 2015

Pretty Peonies

This week we've been debudding the peony fields which means taking off the tiny little buds on the sides of each plant to help the main flower grow up strong.

Then the flowers are cut and brought into the farm to grade and get ready for delivery.

 Here are two of the many varieties that we grow.

Lovely Rose

Scarlet O'Hara
We will be selling peonies at the stand for the next several weeks, from 9 a.m. till dark, until we run out!  Come on by and pick-up some of these beautiful flowers for your home or a friend!


  1. Wow.. It looks awesome. You are a wonderful gardener I have ever seen. Can you provide some tips behind your success?

  2. Start with a farm (garden) that has good soil! Take a soil test (#1 most important thing). Add compost but not too much, 1-2 inches a year.

    Follow soil test recommendations. Weed and pick off insects weekly at the VERY LEAST! Cover bare soil with something. Straw, newspaper, whatever. Water every three to four days. Skip irrigation if rainy. Rotate away from same crops every year (peppers, eggplants and peppers should be considered the same). Hope and pray no disease come in (do a lot of this). If you rotate religiously or if it never rains, disease will be minimal.

    Eat veggies when hungry!!!