Monday, May 4, 2015

Visitors in the Peony Fields

In just a few weeks, before we officially open, we will be selling peonies, and only peonies.  Our sprouts are doing amazingly well.  

We've had some spring visitors!

Lady bugs are extremely helpful to the farmer!  They eat aphids!  To the right is what we commonly think of when we speak of a ladybug, but there are 500 species in North America. 

For all you young botanist out there, lady bugs are really not "bugs."  They are beetles.  Bugs are insects with sucking mouth parts and simple development.  Beetles on the other hand, have chewing mouth parts and experience a full metamorphosis, with larva, pupa and adult, similar to that of butterflies.   So, if we're going to be technical, the preferred name for them is "lady beetles."

We will keep you posted as they open up so you know when when you can swing buy the stand to pick some up!

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