Wednesday, February 24, 2016

And the Year is on...........


The days were cold and nights were long,
But now the days have come along,
To bear the warmth to make things grow,
And here's our story for all to know.......

The weather is still cold with bursts of warm air here and there but we still have the lingering chance of snow. The farm may seem sleepy from the outside but the fun is just beginning for us. 

The greenhouse is where it all starts, literally.   Jamie has begun the very first seeds to go in soil, tomatoes. Right now the seeds have been carefully placed in soil in trays.  Each variety has been labeled with care and watered thoroughly.  The seeds like to be kept between 75-80° at this stage in order to germinate.  As soon as seeds begin germinating and stems start to show above the soil, it's critical to provide a strong light source once germination begins. The greenhouse does just that!

In order for the greenhouse to provide the proper shelter and environment for the seeds some care needs to be taken. Ernesto and Dan are hard at work replacing the plastic on the greenhouse. All of the plastic including the flooring is carefully removed revealing the frame of the greenhouse. 

They then begin lying the new flooring and move to covering the outside frame. This process is completed every 3-5 years. The plastic breaks down over time and can develop tears, holes, and weak spots, which let in the outside elements. New plastic will allow more control to provide the best chance for successful seedlings. 

Ernesto, Dan and Jamie are getting the greenhouse in tiptop shape for the upcoming growing season. They even have some help from the resident farm cats…  

Stay tuned to see the progression of the seedlings and what else is in the works...

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