Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The first glimmers of what’s to come…

We are just seeing the first tomato sprouts poke their heads up from the soil. You know all those HG tomatoes everyone loves? Well this is the beginning sign of them. This is where the magic starts to happen! We grow over 100 varieties throughout the summer here at SIW.

The tomatoes journey is well on its way. In a few short weeks they’ll begin to look like the tomato plants we all recognize. We will keep you updated on their progress here on the blog so you can see what we’re up to on the farm. Soon it will look like a green forest of tomato plants in the greenhouse. We’ll let you know where the tomatoes are headed after their time in the greenhouse so be sure to check back.

This is an exciting time around the farm because it signifies the start of the growing season for us. New life is emerging and that means spring is right around the corner!

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