Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Crop Mob #1 of 2016

We held our first Crop Mob of the 2016 season on Saturday, March 26th with the DCH

We had perfect weather for the day. It wasn't to warm but there was a nice breeze as well. It was the perfect day to get your hands dirty. There were a few things that were tasked to get done during the Crop Mob. So with the tasks given out the volunteers were sent off to "work in the fields".

The Dark Red Norland Potatoes as well as the blue potatoes needed to be planted. The rows were already prepped for the volunteers to plant the seed potatoes in. Be sure to look for the the creamy Red Norlands and the solid blue potatoes on the stand later in the season. Fun fact about the blue potatoes; they are one of the few blue vegetables that keep their color once cooked!

The garlic is well on it's way. To help it along further some of the volunteers helped weed the garlic. This prevents the garlic from losing any nutrients. 

Another group of volunteers were sent along to tend the raspberry canes. They are trimmed back early in the season to promote new healthy growth and more fruit. 

The volunteers put in hard work to help get some of the needed tasks done around the farm. Once lunch time rolled around, they all sat down to talk over a delicious lunch from Talula's Table

Even Willow joined the group for lunch!

We would love to thank everyone that came out to help! If this looks like a fun day to you, join us at the next Crop Mob on April 30th! Email and let us know you're interested in attending. 

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