Tuesday, September 24, 2013

CSA Week #17!

What's new this week at SIW? We've got MUMS! Ok, that isn't new- but there are hundreds of these beauties in a rainbow of colors waiting to come live on your front stoop. 

We do have an ever-changing selection of local apples; today we had fuji, smokehouse, ginger gold and honeycrisp.

We've got my personal favorite- buttercup squash, (but I'm warning you, I'm a buttercup squash hoarder- so I may purchase them all! moohahahaha!) which, if you haven't tried yet, you should! Also Amy's lemon meringue and key lime pies, peach crisp, pumpkin bread, Brent's arugula, and PUMPKINS! ~Vanessa

CSA Week #17:

2 green peppers
1 bag of lettuce
1 carnival squash
1 pt heirloom cherry tomatoes
6 ears of corn
1 HG tomato

1 lb red onions
3/4 lb lima beans
2 lbs of eggplant
1/2 lb green beans

*broccoli for 75 cents, if you'd like (limit: 2, cuz 2 heads are better than 1!)

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