Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eggplant Recipe! ta-da! Moussaka!

Attention my fellow CSA-ers. Can I tell you a horrid secret? Last week I skipped the eggplant on my CSA share. I had a back stock sitting on my counter from the last 2 weeks and it had officially overwhelmed me. But! I had forgotten my favorite eggplant recipe! The perfect remedy for eggplant overload and chilly evenings, cravings for comfort food and a little spice. This week I'm back on for those purple eggs.

Ladies and gentleman... Eggplant Moussaka!

Here's the link to a version similar to the one I use (good ole Mollie Katzen to the rescue) with the following exceptions:
*drop the eggplant down to 2lb and sub in 1lb of sliced potatoes (this adds some texture and keeps any eggplant frowners at bay).
*add a grated carrot to the sauce portion (a little sweet with that cinnamon to contrast the richness of the mushrooms)

How can you go wrong with tomato sauce and bechamel? 


  1. Where is this link? I pressed every where I think...

  2. Hi Jody, Sorry for the delay. I found the recipe on Mollie Katzen's site. Hope you enjoy!