Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lots of Lettuce!

The farmstand is bustling with delicious items from the field!

We all know and love HG's tomatoes and corn but did you know that the stand has delicious, field grown lettuces as well?

Devil's Ears, Pandero, & Fallstaff Lettuce Varieties

Brent is the resident SIW lettuce grower, and boy does he do an amazing job! There isn't anything better then a fresh cut head of lettuce or freshly cut and blended lettuce mix to make a salad for lunch or to accompany your dinner. Brent has been busy seeding, curating mixes and growing these beauties! They're available fresh at the farmstand daily!

Red with Green Spots Selection (top) and Sucrine Lettuce Varieties

One of Brent's most prized accomplishments is he has grown this red lettuce with green spots shown above from a single seed of "super spotty" Double Density. This variety of lettuce was bred by Frank Morton just recently and Brent was intrigued when he first tried it.

From each crop of this lettuce, Brent saves seeds, over time he will have collected from several different variations within this crop to capture more of the diversity of this amazing lettuce. Double Density is crunchy with an amazing flavor and is in most of the lettuce mixes at the farmstand. You can see how gorgeous this lettuce is in the photo below.

Brent's Seed Saving at its glory!
I bet you want to make a huge salad with HG's tomatoes now, don't ya? HG picked the first of his tomatoes yesterday and they're available at the stand! We also have local sweet corn!

CSA Week #3 is here!
The share is abundant this week with:
CSA Week 3 Share Contents

Don't forget to stop by and get all your Fourth of July BBQ fruit and veggie needs from SIW!

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