Thursday, July 11, 2013

Corn Delight!

pic taken during our farm tour last month.
Can you guess what is growing in this field? It may look empty but this is the site of future meals, people. Let me give you one more hint:

baby photo.
Here's another view. A lil baby poking through the soil and black biodegradable plastic (which helps weeds stay out and moisture stay in). Give up?

Corn! HG grows about 15 different varieties of corn (white, bicolor and sometimes yellow). At any given time, you'll find a whole bunch of fields in different stages of corny growth, from those adorable baby pictures above to the giant beauties we will enjoy slathered in butter and salt. 

None of the varieties of corn seed are GMOs with the exception of 1 variety grown in the fall. It is modified to produce it's own Bt, a natural insecticide against those pesky worms. Bt is a natural bacteria that is toxic to many insects. 

Not to toot our own corn (is that too corny?), but have you noticed SIW corn is simply fabulous? As in, you don't even have to cook the stuff, just chomp away at it raw? Or at best, throw it in a little boiling water for 30 seconds, tops? As in, so sweet you think it's been dipped in sugar? 

Let me let you in on our secret: the corn is expertly picked at the right stage, several times a day so it is always SUPER fresh. Your duty: eat it the same day you buy it, so you eat it SUPER fresh. HG recommends butter and sugar. Customers have recommended a squeeze of lime and chili or a slather of mayo and cotija cheese. Grilled, in salads, succotash, on the cob, raw- any way you enjoy it = summer.

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