Thursday, July 18, 2013

Veggie Spring Rolls for a Heat Wave!

On days like these, your oven will give you dirty looks if you try and cook dinner. The only solution for me (besides a restaurant or cereal) : spring rolls. They are totally customizable to what you have on hand and kind of fun to make. Get the whole family involved! I plan on making 2-3 per person.

Veggie Spring Rolls for a Heat Wave:

What you'll need:

spring roll wrappers (made from rice flour, available in the international section of your grocery)
fresh veggies, chopped small in bite sized pieces
cellophane noodles (aka glass noodles aka bean threads) optional
cooked and chilled protein- like tofu! (for you meat eaters- I bet chicken would be good)
dipping sauce

Veggie recommendations depending on what's in season:
red pepper
snow peas/snap peas
basically anything you want.

Here's how to work those crazy wrappers:

Put 1/2 an inch of hot tap water in a pie pan large enough to fit one wrapper.
Dip it in, ensuring the whole wrapper gets wet. Take it out and place on a clean plate or cutting board. 
Fill the center of wrapper with a little noodles and a selection of vege. Don't go overboard or that wrapper will tear. By the time you've made your veggie pile, the wrapper will have magically softened. You can then fold the edge closest to you, then two sides perpendicular to you, then roll all the way up (does that make sense? like a burrito). Repeat with the next wrapper, filling with any number of veggie combinations!

Dipping sauce: 

I'm a huge fan of trader joe's sweet chili sauce (a little spicy, a little sweet) and hoisin sauce. Other ideas could be soy sauce and scallions, a little wasabi or ginger, duck sauce, peanut sauce.. 

Now please go find a pool and jump in it!

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