Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zucchini Recipe to bring to that potluck!

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Another recipe I've yet to try but am definitely adding to the queue. Even when zukes aren't on our CSA share, I can't help but fill my basket with them. I bet this marmalade would be delicious with cheese (goat, cream cheese, brie- you name it!) and spread on crostini, crackers or bread. If you try if before I do, come by the stand and let me know how it is! ~Vanessa

Super Easy and Delicious Zucchini Butter (or Marmalade)

Makes about 2 cups. Recipe from Jennie Cook.
2 pounds zucchini, more or less*
1/4 cup olive oil or butter, if you prefer
2 minced shallots, garlic, or combination of both
Salt and pepper
Coarsely grate the zucchini. Let it drain in a colander for 3-4 minutes or until you are ready to begin cooking. To hasten cooking time, squeeze the water out of the zucchini by wringing it in a clean cloth towel.
In a deep skillet, heat the olive oil/butter. Sauté the shallots briefly. Add the zucchini and toss. Cook and stir over medium to medium-high heat until the zucchini reaches a spreadable consistency. If you scorch the bottom, turn the flame down! (And scrape those delicious bits into the marmalade for added flavor.) The zucchini will hold its bright green color and slowly caramelize into a nice vegetable jam.
Enjoy on toast, or as a side dish all summer long!
*Feel free to add extra zucchini. It may take a little longer to cook, but this recipe keeps well and can be stored in the refrigerator for about a month.

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