Monday, July 13, 2015

Maria's Corn Recipe and CSA Week #6

Here is an delicious and simple recipe from our very own Maria on how her family prepares H.G.'s corn.

For starters you remove just the outer layer of the corn stalk and boil the desired length of time leaving the inner layers of the stalk.  Some say only four minutes is needed to just warm it up. Then, once the corn is cooked you have a "handle" with which to hold onto the corn. This is a very smart idea!!! Then you don't need those little corn pokers most of us use.

After corn is cooked to your liking, spread on some mayo (they actually use the mayo with lime it in for some extra tang).  Roll corn in Parmesan cheese and chili powder mix and there you have it!  You could come up with your own combinations of spices to make your own recipe.  Let us know what you think and please share YOUR favorite corn recipe too! 

This week's CSA offering is:
 Hope to see you soon!

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