Thursday, July 30, 2015

Produce and much, much more!

Did you know we are celebrating our 30th Anniversary this year? We've enjoyed bringing you high quality produce and appreciate all your support over the years! If you want to celebrate with us, come on by and pick up this great shirt!

Besides SIW GEAR, friendly staff...

and produce that is healthy and extremely flavorful, we've tried to bring you other items you might enjoy to make your shopping experience more complete.

Granola anyone?

For breakfast a little jam for your toast, pumpkin butter for your pancakes, or honey for anything! 

What about a freshly baked scone for a snack or try these other healthy snacks.

Are you in need of some appetizers for when you have friends over? Or date night?

Our staff heads up to Philadelphia to shop for you at DiBruno Brothers and Claudio's so you don't have to make the trip!!! 

 Flatbread, HUGE assortments of cheese, olive oil and vinegars, beautiful varieties of olives and many other things.

Have you seen our great assortment of pastas, and our very own tomato sauce made with H.G.'s very own tomatoes?

After dinner?  Of course -- DESSERT...

And just in case you get sticky after that delicious dessert, try our fragrant and beautiful soaps.


If you want to give any of these items as gifts and you need a unique card, peruse our stationery designed just for SIW, featuring only photographs from our farm and stand.  

And by the way, if you've seen any pictures on our blog, Facebook, Instragram or Twitter that you'd like cards made of, contact our photographer directly at and Lisa will be glad to make you your own set of cards.

So come on out for our excellent produce and much, much more!
If you know anyone who hasn't been to our stand, but who might enjoy all we have to offer, please join us in celebrating our 30th anniversary by spreading the word.  Thanks again for all your support!

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