Thursday, July 9, 2015

Zinnias from seed to bloom - and all our other beautiful flowers!

Zinnias are a fantastic flower and made more interesting if you take note of their development from seed to bloom.

You may recall early this spring that Marv was in the greenhouse beginning the seedlings...

And then planting them in the ground.

Once in bloom it makes for a very beautiful site!  

When the bud first begins to form it has its own dainty appearance..

As the bloom opens up it's makes these really interesting tunnels...

And then, of course, it's just lovely and dainty when fully opened.

Enjoy these beautiful flowers while they last.  They can be picked-up in bouquets at the stand.

And enjoy some of our Gerber Daisies, hanging baskets, Hibiscus and many other beautiful flowers. Simple ways to decorate your home or just a small gift for someone special!

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