Thursday, June 13, 2013

CSA member sporting 2 sunflowers and a snazzy jacket!

This morning was wild! Crazy thunderstorms, ominous green skies and what felt like day turned to night in an instant. Torrential rains and that rolling thunder that makes you want to curl up inside with a good book.. We had a late start to the morning waiting for the first round of storms to pass, but we are up and running! Have no fear, veggies are here. Today is a great day to pick up your CSA share (2 sunflowers got added to the list late in the game). While you are here, I recommend picking up a My House Cookies pie and calling it healthy with a scoop of our local Pequea Valley yogurt. 

Strawberry Rhubarb = springtime.

A dollop on that pie and you can call it breakfast!

baby zukes and yellow squash grown at SIW.

We've also just started to get in our own freshly picked zucchini and varieties of yellow squash. That's reason enough to brave the threat of afternoon showers!

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