Monday, June 24, 2013

Farm Tour Recap

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It's possible there wasn't a lovelier day for taking photos and going on a farm tour! Though I've lived on the farm more than 2 years, I've never gotten an intensive look through HG's eyes of the farm and everything that is grown here. It was pretty fun and definitely interesting to learn about some of SIW's farming practices, see the progress of future veggies in my belly and meet about 30 fellow CSA members and loyal customers. Oh and there was sparkling conversation (+wine and cheese). 

Over the season, I'll continue sharing photos and bits o' knowledge I picked up on this relaxing walk through the fields. On with the pics!  ~Vanessa

One of the first patches of corn we'll be eating shortly!

Farm tourists deciding whether to ride or walk.

Farm pup, Willow, delighting 2 happy tots.

Before the bumpy tractor ride.
Pickup truck passengers gearing up for some fun!

HG taking SIW shoppers for a wild ride.

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