Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CSA Weekly Share #2

What a rainy couple of days we've had on the farm! The stand didn't even float away..

Here's the weekly share for CSA:
1 bag of lettuce
2 bunches of garlic scapes 

We picked the very first of the peas today and they are available in very limited quantities at the stand in addition to a fresh selection of My House Cookies pies- strawberry rhubarb's got my name on it! It will feel like no time before we are swimming in CSA beans, zucchini and tomatoes. 

****Reminder- sign up for our farm tour and get the inside scoop on everything we grow on the farm! JUNE 20th, 6pm****

rows and rows of garlic
We will meet at the big barn on the farm. You can stop by the stand and they will direct you up there. Try to arrive as early as possible since we're trying to start at 6pm sharp. Wear farm clothes because dirt tends to jump on you when you are walking through the fields. Kids are welcome (they ask the best questions). We will provide wine, water and fun farm facts to keep you entertained. it usually last about an hour and a half but you can leave whenever you want.

If it is pouring rain we will try to re-schedule, but otherwise we are going for it! ~HG


  1. I need to learn about strawberries with this soggy weather the are laying on the mud and decayed leaves from ;last year and just rotting immediately… Lesson please. Should I not have cleared a way the dead material?

  2. Jody, though we don't grow strawberries at SIW, I have just done some research for ya. Having a layer of straw under your plants will keep berries off the ground, retain moisture and minimize weeds. It's pretty tough with all of this rain to keep those babies from rotting, but the straw would help keep them off the ground :( Personally, I would've removed the decayed leaves as well (rot seems to beget rot). ~Vanessa