Friday, August 14, 2015

All About the Love

Chef Bill and his wife Merry, along with their enthusiastic and fun staff cooked up some delicious dishes that if you didn't get the chance to taste we encourage you to head over to The House of William and Merry and give 'em a try! 

What was great to see Wednesday night is that Bill's regular customers love him so much they came out to support him and enjoy more of his delicious cooking. That says a lot! 

And, as Bill said in his closing comments, it's all about the love! The love of food, family and things done well! He said it was a privilege to cook with what H.G. grows!

Menu included: Roasted Free Range Lancaster Chickens, Caprice Salad with aged balsamic vinegar and smoked salt, Tomato-Cucumber-Melon Gazpacho, Rosemary-Lemon Potatoes, and the Quinoa Salad which is always on his menu at the restaurant.  Healthy and delicious!

And special thanks to H's friend Michael who helps you pick out some good wine to go with your dinner! 

It was another beautiful night temperature-wise and we had many new guests, as well as returning guests many of who invited their friends to join them and were enthusiastic to spend a night together. 

There were a lot of folks out with their cameras.  If you are one of them and got any great shots, please post them.  We'd love to see what happened at your table. 

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