Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tomatoes 101 and Why Ours Taste So Good!

H.G. grows 100 different varieties of tomatoes.  Fifty of them are heirloom. When you come to the
stand you may be wondering which ones are which.  If it's important to you to know the name of what you're eating, here's a little introduction to some of these beautiful and even unusual looking tomatoes.  Regardless of their appearance, they are all down-right delicious!  

This unique one is Pruden's Purple.

Here's a rainbow of San Marzano at its different stages of ripening.  

You've probably seen the sign while shopping at our market, but if you haven't been by, come on over and try these beautiful Mountain Magic that are pictured in Dan Barber's Book.

If it weren't a tomato, you might think it's masquerading as a pumpkin just in time for Halloween!  But it's really one of H.G.'s 50 heirlooms.

Cherry tomatoes are great for salads or just to snack on.  They are so sweet your little guys will think their candy.  Start 'em young, they'll love them!

Have you given much thought to when a tomato needs to be picked in order to reach the local grocery store RED? The Atlantic City Lab said, "First off, conventional growers don’t pick tomatoes at peak ripeness. They harvest the fruits at the “mature green” stage, "degreen" them using ethylene gas, then store and ship them at low temperatures to prevent bruising and decay. While chilling protects the flesh of the fruit, it suppresses the production of certain flavor and aroma compounds, resulting in tomatoes that are red and robust on the outside but tasteless on the inside."  

But not at our farm, we pick them RED and you eat them RED and boy that makes all the difference. These beautiful big tomatoes are called "fabulous" and of course, we agree!
We do sell you green tomatoes, but only if they are gorgeous Green Zebra tomatoes which are just a fun variety to enjoy!  Don't be confused by the fact they are green, they're supposed to be.  They are also Red Zebras.  

So, from our "arms" to yours, we strive to bring you the best quality tomatoes you can find anywhere!

If you have any questions for H.G. about his tomatoes or how he grows them, please post your question below and we'll get you an answer.  We'd also enjoy hearing which variety you prefer.  How one compares to another or any comments you have about our tomatoes! 

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