Monday, August 24, 2015

Junto's Coming to Town and CSA for this Week

Macgregor Mann, of Junto, was at the farm this weekend working through his plan for Wednesday night.  We're very excited to have him serve as our chef for our third CSA Field-to-Fork Dinner and know many of you are going to have a great meal because Macregor has great ideas and very skilled in the kitchen (or in our case, under the tent).  He is all about supporting local businesses - and that is a great idea!   

Macgregor grew up cooking.  He'd come home from school and his Mom would put him to work "pealing potatoes." Moral of this story -- Moms start your kids young on a potato peeler!  York, Pennsylvania is where he's originally from and where he learned to love culinary traditions.  So when someone asks him what kind of food he serves, his response is, "I'm trying to create a local cuisine."  He goes out of his way to "hand-source what they use from beginning to end" which enables them to offer a "wholesome product."

This year they were awarded "Best of Philadelphia" for their Sturgeon Dish. And, not only does he get his food from local businesses (farms, coffee roasters, etc.), but he supports our local environment. Junto is proud to be forming a partnership with Delaware River Keepers to help restore and preserve the natural surroundings in our area!  This is definitely a guy you want to go out and support.  

When you do go, tell him H.G. sent you!  

Don't forget, our Delicious Doc Martin Lima Beans are now on sale for $25 a half bushel.  That is a GREAT price and you will not find tastier lima beans anywhere!  Give 'em a try if you haven't already!  

Here are a few recipes to inspire your lima bean cooking!  Enjoy them with all of the tomatoes we discussed last week


  1. Another amazing weather forecast for tonight to accompany the idyllic venue of the Haskell property and I'm sure the delectable food prepared by Junto's!

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