Thursday, August 6, 2015

House of William and Merry is Coming to the Farm

Chef Bill and his wife Merry, of The House of William and Merry, were at the farm this week getting ready for their first CSA Field-to-Fork dinner next Wednesday. They've got great ideas and we are looking forward to a lovely evening of dining with them. 

If, sadly, you have missed out on signing-up for this event, we would encourage you to stop by their home.  That's right, their home! Why? Because their home is their restaurant.  Now that's hospitality!


The House of William and Merry is located in Hockessin, DE at 1336 Old Lancaster Pike, Hockessin DE 19707.  

This is Chef Bill and he is an enthusiast about food and family. Always has loved being in the kitchen creating things since he was a young boy.  And, all the recipes are his! 

He says, "It's all about the love.  It's all about the family." That's why he's inviting you to their place for some twists on old classic dishes.  Merry says, "They put a twist on the 'new American' food. We use local ingredients from local small farms whether it's lamb, pig, or fruits and vegetables. We're keeping it seasonal" and their keeping it close to home! 

We look forward to all the great things they'll be serving this Wednesday, which will of course be featuring many of H.G.'s great veggies including his tomatoes!  The name of this variety is Fabulous. And they are!

So, whether you're getting excited for this coming Wednesday or just want to try a new place to dine, head on over to Hockessin and give Bill and Merry a try.  The ambiance is charming and the bar is well appointed! We think you'll be very pleased.  Oh, did we say, they earned the award for Best of Delaware three years in a row!  Definitely worth trying out.  Tell 'em H.G. sent you!


  1. Thanks, we'd be glad if you'd share the blog with anyone who might be interested. Appreciate your encouragement!