Monday, August 17, 2015

Do you need help with your imagination in the kitchen?

The farm is a great place to turn to, to be inspired!

 Maybe some of the items on this week's CSA list will spark your imagination when you give these new recipes a spin! 


1. Roasted Garlic, honey garlic, many other uses for garlic.

 2. Red or white potatoes - both are delicious!

Please let us know if you  think outside of the box and create something special with what you find on the farm.  We'd all be interested in hearing.  Why not take a picture and send it to us at  Or, post your recipes below! 

Thanks to the sweet gals who came to the last CSA Field-to-Fork dinner and inspired us all with their imagination! 

And don't forget to sign-up, at the stand, for the hayrides!  It will be a great time to break from all the stresses of your week and be a kid again on the farm.  If you can't remember what that's like, bring a kid along with you - they'll inspire you!

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